Garage Door Openers & Remotes

Your garage door opener is a vital piece of technology. lts ability to provide you with the security, ease of function, reliability as well as a host of features to make you life easier is provided with every system we install. No matter if you have a roller garage door, a sectional door or an industrial door you can rest assured we only supply and fit the very best quality openers available.

Essential Garage Door Opener Functions

We have a range of door openers available, some for residential, some for commercial. There are a range of functions and models available, please feel free to browse each model's page and choose the garage door opener that is perfect to make your garage doorless like a door, more like a lifestyle accessory.
  • Ultra compact designs that can be installed in almost any space.
  • Smooth, quiet powerful motors with smooth start / stop operation.
  • All models have courtesy lights, so you are not parking in the dark.
  • Intelligent sensitivity system to minimise risk to people, pets and property.
  • Ventilation / pet mode, for allowing air flow or pet access into the garage.
  • Vacation mode, for prolonged absences.
  • Automatic close timer - for extra security protection.
  • Extremely secure code - TrioCoderM transmitters also use code hopping technology to generate a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use. You can rest assured with these odds that only your transmitters will open your garage door.
Domestic Opener Accessories
We have a range of accessories available for our domestic openers. These include:
  • Wireless Photo Electric Beams for addition al safety
  • Battery back up kits for use in areas where mains power may be unreliable
  • Wireless external keypad, for access to the garage using a 4 digit pin
  • Emergency key release when the Garage Door is the only access to the garage
  • **NEW** Smart phone kit for access and monitoring from anywhere in the world - available for iPhone and Android
Commercial Door Openers
We also supply and fit a range of door openers for industrial properties. The features include:
  • Suitable for rolling doors up to 28m2
  • Built in battery back up to eliminate manual chain systems
  • A wall mounted control panel with LCD screen, backlit buttons and time/date 'functions
  • Soft starUsoft stop operation
  • TrioCoderM receiver integrated as standard
  • Super quiet operation
  • Variety of operating modes including date/time specific auto-close, safety mode and more.
lf you have questions about any of our range of garage door openers, our Auckland based Garage doors specialists would love to hear from you.


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